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What is Travel soccer? 

Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against teams from other communities which are part of the Westchester Youth Soccer League.


How long is the season? 

Travel soccer consists of fall season from September to November and spring season from April to June.


Practice schedule?

Practices are twice or three times per week during Fall and Spring season lasting 1.5 hours. Winter practice depends on the team.


How far do I have to travel to play league games? 
Half of the games are home, and the rest will mostly be in the Westchester area, few require more than a 30 to 45 minutes drive.


When do I play? 

All games are on Sunday, starting time is determined by the WYSL scheduler, game could start as early as 9 am for older teams and 12pm for younger age groups.  The latest game typically starts at 5pm. 


What about team tryouts? 

Tryouts are held for the new teams in the fall and spring.  Spring tryouts are for playing in the following fall and spring.  Fall tryouts are for playing in the following spring.  Existing teams may hold individual tryouts each year or scout the new team tryouts.  The existing team tryouts help fill vacancies and allow new players to compete for positions on the team.


How much playing time will my child get? 

That is always a tough question. The U-8, U-9, U-10, are development programs, no standing are kept, nor trophies awarded to these teams. We try to even out playing time as much as possible so that all players get game experience and develop a love of the sport. However, there will be situations where better players are kept on the field, until the outcome of the game is no longer in doubt.


How much does it cost? 

Travel teams are parent supported. The minimum registration fee per player is $375.00 per year which includes Uniform, Fields, Lights and Insurance, Also Depending on your team's program (i.e. number of practices, tournaments attending, Training fees, etc.) your child's team fees for the 10-month soccer year (late August to late June for most teams) can vary. You may also have to pay for uniforms separate and tournament away travel expenses. You should get a general idea of the team program and costs from the coach or manager before accepting a position on a team. 

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