1. How much?


Depending on your team's program (i.e. number of practices, tournaments attending, coaching fees, Uniforms etc.) your child's team fees for the 10-month soccer year (late August to late June for most teams) can vary. For those playing on premier level teams, long distance travel expenses (air fare and hotel.) You should get a general idea of the team program and costs from the coach or manager before accepting a position on a team.


2.What League would the Premier teams play?


The league played will be determined by season and strength of the 

team. [RPL, NPL, Presidents, NERP, Region 1]


3. Who are the Coaches?


Qualified coaches will be selected and required to have US Youth 

Soccer coaching qualifications.


4. Is White Plains Youth Soccer Dissolved dissolved?


Not at all this is an addition to the program making the club stronger 

and better.


5. If I don't make the Premier, can I still play for WPYS?


Absolutely yes we will continue to field teams at all levels. We

would also have separate tryouts for Travel Teams.


6. Do we practice in White Plains or where?


All our teams are comprised of White Plains players or have a White

Plains core. Practice will be in White Plains.


7. How far are the Tournaments?


Most can be driven to but this is again driven by the competitiveness 

of the team and planned and communicated before the season.


8. Premier Coaches?


Coaches will be interviewed and selected by the coaching committee.


9. Scholarships available?


We plan on the ability to not deny any player due to their inability 

to meet the team dues.



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