Board of Directors of the WPYSA


George Caceres – President and Chairman of the Board


Alan Himmelstein - Vice President - Board Member


Ed Fisher- Board Member, VP of Payments


Kyle Gertsner- Treasurer, Board Member, Scholarship Committees


Jack Gigli – Board Member, Coaching Director, Fundraising Committee


Alejandro Galeano - Registrar, Fundraising Committee, Other Office


Robert Biagini - Board Member, Head of the Coaching Committee


Brian Jones– Board Member


Matthew Karl – Board Member, Financial Aid Committee


Ken Schlinger – Board Member, Girls Teams Liason


Charles Norris – Board Member, Boys Teams Liason


Nick Sagnibene– Board Member, Fundraising Committee, Facilities


David Young – Board Member, Fundraising Committee


Michael Moss – Board Member, Fundraising Committee

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